Participant Feedback

Thank you to all the participants who took the time to share their feedback about their Writeshop experience.  I appreciate your comments very much. Miji
"I love the new ideas and ways of approaching writing. I love being in a group atmosphere and sharing ideas, memories. Your support and encouragement is greatly appreciated. Thanks so much for everything, especially the openness and humour."Donna
"Sharing your journey with us is powerful because it encourages me to journey and journal….Your encouragement, talent, structure and knowledge levels have made the course rich. It’s been a great mix of sharing, instructing and ‘assignment.’"Carole
"I said to my wife before this class started that I would either love the class or hate it. I thought it was great—although I must admit this pushed my ‘comfort zone.’ A LOT! But I learned a lot also."Doug
"I liked the time and space set aside, the encouragement to ‘write where you are.’ Thank you for your weekly ideas to direct our writing, the nudges and the offer to lend us your books. The tea and cookies helped make it homey…"Chyrelanne
A Sampler of Writeshops
My warmest thanks to the business owners and event organizers who offer their inspiring, often surprising, spaces for my Writeshop events. Any place there is a table to gather around and room to roam on a page!

Check out my Past Writeshops (with photos).

Fall 2018

Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower. ~ Albert Camus

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