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Miji’s Bio…

I was born on the edge of winter in Calgary in 1959. The third and last child. Things were pretty much in place when I arrived…

That seems like a logical starting point for a bio page, but reading Separation Anxiety might give you a richer sense of that journey. Bad haircuts and all.

As a kid, I’d always dreamed of being a writer, but got serious about it after I had kids of my own. Five years into motherhood, ten years into a teaching career, I began to write. Eventually, my articles were featured in magazines and newspapers.

After several years of writing about other people’s life experiences, I wanted to write about my own. I went back to university to explore life writing and memoir. I hoped to write a book. Which sounded easy at the time.

CLICK to read: “Right Where I Was.”

What I did learn was how writing personal stories helped me take care of myself. They balanced and sustained  me. And I began to share this experience with others, offering “Write Where You Are” workshops to discover and honour the stories in each of us.

Which is the story behind Separation Anxiety, Write Where You Are, and me.

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