“My Companion Librarians” Alberta Library Conference Jasper 2018

It was an honour to speak at the Alberta Library Conference held at the historic Jasper Park Lodge. 800 attendees chose from 50 sessions of keynotes, author talks, discussion panels, and workshops.
The theme of this conference  “Libraries: We Stand Up” focused on the increasing complexity of library services across Alberta and celebrated the adaptability and diversity of those who work in libraries.
“My Companion Librarians” is a tribute to the librarians in my life. When I was a child, they were my guides to the enchanted world of the Children’s Library. Today, they guide me through the digital world of the web as I research and write my new book.
Right Where I Was
Right Where I Was
The Alberta Library Conference  feels more like a retreat, bringing people together in this inspiring setting to share ideas, socialize, take long walks, and read by the lake.
Right Where I Was
Right Where I Was

  About Miji Campbell

I'm the author of the book Separation Anxiety - A Coming of Middle Age Story and founder of  Write Where You Are.  I design and deliver "Writeshops" my own light-hearted brand of writing workshop. Read my story here.

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