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Jane’s Walk in The Kingdom of Kingsland – Calgary May 2016

May 6, 2016

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On a warm spring afternoon in May, I led this Jane’s Walk down the memory lanes and streets of Kingsland. A wistful and nostalgic wander…

Link to Kingsland: Memories of Childhood

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Kingdom of Kingsland

About This Walk

This walk begins at the Kingsland Community Centre, with its echoes of skating, softball and Bingo, wends its way past the street where I lived, up the back memory lane to Kingsland Plaza, once the site of Pete’s Confectionary, Em’s Bakery and the Chinese-Western restaurant on the corner. We will revisit our routes to schools and playgrounds through walkways and short cuts. Our walk will end at the most magical place of my childhood: the Chinook Library.. gone but not forgotten.Down those same stairs across from the Bowladrome. Come share your stories. Bring photos, mementos, skating badges. Even if you didn’t grow up in the Kingdom of Kingsland, this may remind you of your own neighbourhood!

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