“My Companion Librarians” Author Talk at the ALC April 26-29

Right Where I Was

I am pleased to be among the authors and featured speakers at this year’s Alberta Library Conference in Jasper. I will be presenting my talk on Saturday, April 28 at 3pm.

Here’s a little preview for my presentation:

My Companion Librarians: From the Children’s Book Corner to the Far Corners of the Internet

Right Where I Was
Right Where I Was

When I was a child just learning to read, my librarians were soft-spoken guides to the enchanted world of the Children’s Library. Today, my librarians save me from overwhelm as I research and write my new book. I reach out to my librarians and they always respond, offering that vital personal connection. They explore the digital world on my behalf, making my research questions their own and sharing my delight when they locate artifacts in obscure corners of real and virtual bookshelves. My Librarians captures the stories of working with several amazing librarians in my life, and expresses my gratitude to librarians everywhere. I hope you will see reflections of yourself and your colleagues among these vignettes – because our stories matter.

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