Separation Anxiety – A Coming of Middle Age Story

The woman in this book is not famous. The events of her life are not tragic. The setting is not exotic. This is an ordinary story. Which makes it an extraordinary memoir.

Miji Campbell grew up in a close-knit family in the 1960s and ’70s. The youngest of three girls, she was raised under her parents’ watchful eye, in a middle-class Calgary suburb called Kingsland. Her life proceeds in an orderly fashion: coming-of-age, university, first job, first apartment—and then suddenly, inexplicably, it begins to unravel.

Beautifully written, insightful and funny, Separation Anxiety chronicles the pivotal moments in a woman’s life where she lets go of her childhood beliefs about happily ever after, and discovers her true self.

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WIBA Winner

WIBA Winner
Separation Anxiety
1st Place for Non-Fiction

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