Writing? Me…?

 – I don’t know how to get started.
    – I can’t find the time.
       – I was terrible at writing in school.
          – I’m not a real “writer.”
             – I couldn’t possibly write about that!

Often we tell ourselves stories that prevent us from sharing the real stories we have.

What are Writeshops?

Writeshops are an invitation to explore the possibilities and power in your own writing. Through a variety of writing “nudges,” you’ll be encouraged to simply be in the present moment: to write where you are. The silence of these small group writing sessions is balanced with helpful hints, lively discussions and an exchange of wonderful stories, both spoken and written. Writeshop spaces are always inspiring, often surprising. Cafés, bookstores, libraries, schools, museums, boutiques, historic buildings, suburban living rooms. Any place there is a table to gather around and room to roam on a page. Whether you are looking to capture some of  your favourite life stories on the page, or develop work for publication, Writeshops can help to provide clarity and joy around writing.

If you’ve been meaning to write, you’ve come to the right place!

Want to learn more about Writeshops?

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Writeshops for Individuals and Groups

Using a memento – an object, photograph or artifact that reminds you of a moment in your life – you will be given suggestions to create a story, along with tips and tools to tell it in a meaningful way. No writing experience required. Only life experience!

Join us to write a gift of story for someone special. You will be given suggestions to create a story, along with tips and tools to tell it. No writing experience required.  Only life experience!

Join us to write about the people in your life who have helped you to grow. Plant your words on the page to create a  “garden” of memories. You may even be inspired to plant a garden that honours these relationships. No writing or gardening experience required. Only life experience!

Writeshops can be right-sized for  students, educators, for book clubs and community groups, and as corporate team-building events. No writing experience required. Only life experience!

• A fresh approach to creative writing – tailored to grade level & class size
• PD Days for Language Arts teachers
• Teachers’ Convention Events
Librarians and Literacy Advocates:
• Library programs
• Community events and outreach
• ESL and New Canadians
Bookstores and Small Business Owners:
• Employee team-building
• Customer appreciation events
Leisure and Lifestyle Coordinators:
• Client events – tailored to age & ability
Corporate HR Professionals:
• Team-building
• Writing skills improvement

Watch this space!